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Swing Mate – Automated Interactive Golf Coach

SwingMate is an interactive golf driving range post designed to autonomously assess the player’s performance.

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fishWords – vocabulary acquisition through watching subtitled videos

fishWords is an application designed for those who want to learn a secondary language. It is a novel approach to learning a foreign language by focusing on the language’s vocab alone.

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Interactive Technology for People with Colour Vision Deficiency

Ten percent of all males live with a colour vision deficiency, meaning their visual perception of colour is limited or absent, causing challenges in their daily lives.

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User Interface for CLKP is under construction.

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Graphic Projects of UbiCOMP

We are proud to present our UbiCOMP branding designed by Bartosz Ammer!

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VOS – Technology for Swimmers

The Lodz University of Technology together with the Universities of Stuttgart and Utrecht invites you to participate in research on new technologies for swimmers.

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