Medical data sharing
Wednesday, 20 March 2013 19:04

This project orignated as a side effect of our cooperation with the Department for Diagnosis & Prevention of Birth Defects of the Polish Mother's Memorial multi-Hospital. Our activities are focused on introducing pervasive technology to the hospital wards. This serves two purposes. Firstly, we strive to help remote and institutionally separate units of the hospital to cooperate in emergency cases. Secondly, we hope we can help the department organise its unique, vast database of fetal heart images so improving efficiency and generating a reference knowledge base for future cases.

So far three main design challenges has been tackled.

First is design of the system for remote collaboration on the special case within distant units using distributed diagnostic data sharing, proximity based discovery pervasive notification of hospital staff. Design considerations are presented in a book chapter (see publications list).

Second issue we noticed is strong social relationships influence on activities in medical workspace setting. Our findings and simulations are reported in two papers (one is here).

Another intersting problem arose with the interface of user and data. Multiple devices producing different file formats not associated with other health record services cause confusion and waste of time. Therefore we proposed multitouch based diagnostic imaging data application to be a starting point for other services in shared-resources multi-hostpital environment.


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