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Saturday, 21 January 2012 23:54

Here, you can get to know our current and past team members.


Andrzej Romanowski

Andrzej Romanowski, PhD

Assistant Professor at the Computer Engineering Department. His career began with designing mobile services for mobile operators. He then defended his PhD thesis in process tomography and committed to introducing problem-based learning at the TUL. A mixture of traditional academic practice and the desire to address real-life problems brought his attention to ubiquitous computing. His main interests lie in persuasive interactive systems, the possibility of changing routines and behaviours through technology and stimulating user development.

Paweł Woźniak

Paweł W. Woźniak, PhD

Paweł believes that the future of computing lies in creating engaging experiences and smart environments that not only alleviate everyday problems, but also make lives more interesting. Transdisciplinary methods are his thing and he thinks that a good blend of design thinking an innovative skills is need to allow Ubicomp to move to new spaces. He is a postodoctral fellow at the University of Stuttgart, but he continues to conduct research with our group. See his Google citation profile.

Antoni Marasek, MSc

Antoni is a graduate of Lodz University of Technology in computer science. Under his Master of Science thesis, he completed a project on determining optimal usage of the multi-touch technology for the medical data browsing. In his everyday life he develops web applications and plays music.
Antoni jest absolwentem informatyki na Politechnice Łódzkiej. W ramach pracy magisterskiej zrealizował projekt poświęcony efektywnemu wykorzystaniu technologii multi-touch do przeglądania danych medycznych dla Instytutu Matki Polki w Łodzi. Na co dzień zajmuje się tworzeniem aplikacji internetowych oraz muzyką.




Bartosz Koczorowicz Avatar

Bartosz Koczorowicz, BSc

Bartosz Koczorowicz is an active research student .



Past members

Ricardo Miranda

Incoming Erasmus student from Portugal. Completed a project on identifying means of transport using smartphone data.

Jaime Fernández de Molina Lovera

Incoming Erasmus student from Spain. Completed a project on measuring room occupancy in campus environments.


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