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Brainstorming session for 2022

Brainstorming session for 2022

This year we conducted a three-stage brainstorming session. The purpose was to embrace creativity and create new projects ideas.

At the first meetig we came up with every-day problems which could be solved by technology but we didn’t consider solutions at this stage.

Second meeting was dedicated to choosing different kinds of technology we could solve problems with. Then, we tried to match problems to technology. Which tool would create the most novel approach to solve a given problem?

Third meeting started with  introduction to literature review. After learning the theory, it’s time to practice – we were looking for existing solutions for some of the problems from the previous meetings.

During the meeting we had a lot of fun and come up with many different ideas. Some of them will be transformed into our research projects.

If you are interested in our previous or ongoing projects check out our Projects.

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