EUROINVENT - European Exhibition of Creativity and Innovation

Iasi, Romania, 6 – 8 June

  • Gold medal for Tomotable: System for Tracking and Classification of Everyday Objects for Remote Collaboration in Industrial Environments

  • Gold medal for IndustrialCap: Wearable System for Industry Workers – Enhancing the Sense of Proximity

  • Silver medal for TextureTouch: Robotic Arm for Remote Textures Sensing

  • Silver Medal for Supporting Remote Cooperation with Augmented Reality in Industrial Environment

Innovations were implemented  with funds from Polish Ministry of Education and Science under the project Studenckie Koła Naukowe Towrzą Innowacje where UbiCOMP is carrying out the project: Multimodal System Supporting Remote Cooperation in Industrial Environment in accordance with the contract number:  SKN/SP/535708/2022


Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 2-4 December

For Julia Dominiak



Glasgow, United Kingdom, May 4th – 9th

Honourable mention in recognition of Clairbuoyance: Improving Directional Perception for Swimmers.


Seoul, Korea, December 6th – 9th

Gold Prize in recognition of excellent and creative efforts to invent  SWINGMATE — Automated Interactive Golf Coach

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