fishWords – vocabulary acquisition through watching subtitled videos


ishWords is an application designed for those who want to learn a secondary language. It is a novel approach to learning a foreign language by focusing on the language’s vocab alone. It does so by leveraging microlearning and combining business with pleasure.

fishWords analyzes subtitles of its users’ favourite movies, tv series and other video content. After estimating user’s vocabulary size, it uses an algorithm to fish for unknown words. Subtitles are then altered in a way that makes them understandable to the user by presenting the difficult words along with their definitions. Thus, users can enjoy watching videos in their secondary language and simultaneously learn it in a seamless manner.

The program learns as its user does. Over time it builds a database resembling the user’s mental lexicon. The more it is used, the more accurate it becomes, allowing it to teach you the words that you need the most.

Project leader:
Przemysław Pełka, Developer

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