Gesture Control for Robots in Smart City

UbiCOMP takes part in a national programme funded by The Polish Ministry of Education and Science Studenckie Koła Naukowe Tworzą Innowacje where our club is carrying out the project Using Gestures to Control Mobile Robots in Smart City Environments in Low-vision  Conditions. 

Our research focuses on developing intuitive gesture-based control systems for mobile robots, specifically designed for smart city environments and adaptable to low-vision conditions. Through this project, we have gained valuable insights into various gesture control techniques suitable for urban settings.

We have successfully implemented a mobile robot, the hexabot, designed to navigate city landscapes. The hexabot is equipped with a high-resolution camera capable of recognizing and interpreting gestures, enabling seamless interaction between humans and robots.








In the process of several user studies where the gestures for different purposes have been elicited, we gained in-depth insights into using gestures for controlling mobile robots.

We are now preparing a scientific article summarizing the results of the project.

Our innovative project has received two awards on the international stage:

  • Silver Medal at the 2023 Kaohsiung International Invention & Design Expo.
  • Gold Medal at the Perlis International Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition (Pi-Envex) in Malaysia.

In addition to these honors, we have showcased our work at promotional events:

  • Lodz IT Days
  • TUL Open Day




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