Remote Health Monitoring

A user study assessing the usability of wearable devices designed for elderly people to remotely monitor health and general condition. The aim is to explore the user experience and the capabilities of wearables in context of remote care and monitoring the health of the elderly. Such technology is especially useful when the person is living alone and relatives are not able to react immediately in case of emergency.

The smartband is constantly collecting health – related data:  heart rate and blood pressure. We are going to measure different indicators in the next stages of a research.
The band can also detect if a person falls down and if so, it immediately calls an ambulance and informs the caretaker. The same procedure is  implemented when  any of the measurements is alarming. The device is equipped with GPS, so the ambulance knows the exact location of a user even if  he’s not responding. The elderly person can also call an ambulance independently by pressing the SOS button or contact the caretaker if needed.
Project was completed in cooperation with the City Hall of Lodz and HRP Care company.

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