Patryk Pomykalski


Patryk Pomykalski

UX Designer & Student Researcher

Computer Science, TUL

Patryk is studying for a master’s degree in Computer Science (just about to defend his thesis) and a master’s degree in Management. He works in BlueBrick on a project from SuperHot (you might know it from one of the best selling games for VR).
He has wide experience in software projects. He’s been working on things like scalable cloud-based systems (BlueBrick), IoT architectures (ThingsIO, University of Stuttgart), LLVM compilers (Samsung), HCI research (National University of Singapore) and ML applications (his own startup idea).





Areas of Expertise

  • Cloud (AWS, Azure)
  • Distributed Computing (Microservices, Docker, Serverless)
  • Backend (Node.js, SpringBoot)
  • Frontend (Rect)
  • Databases (PostgreSQL, SQL Server)
  • IoT (Raspberry Pi)


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