Przemysław Pełka


Przemysław Pełka

Student Researcher

Futurology enthusiast focused on endeavors related to broadly understood problem solving and decision making.

Graduated Computer Science at International Faculty of Engineering, Lodz University of Technology.
Conducted a two-year problem-based learning research project in the field of Human-Computer Interaction in collaboration with Harvard University. The project concluded with an intercollegiate thesis, and the design and implementation
of a system enhancing vocabulary acquisition through watching subtitled videos.

Member of the team (abbrv. SCR) behind the state-of-the-art Vehicle Routing Problem solver:

Co-founder of Otimo sp. z o.o., a company providing client-tailored solutions to hard combinatorial optimization problems.

Area of Expertise

Operations Research
Artificial Intelligence
Data Science
Cognitive Science
Human-Computer Interaction

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