Smart Medication Dispenser

The Smart Medication Dispenser for Elderly with Remote Monitoring for Caretakers is designed to help people who are prescribed multiple medications to manage them easily and take them safely. It allows caretakers to monitor an elderly’s adherence to the treatment. Our device provides medicine dispensing, notifications using LEDs and audio, a monitoring system for caregivers, and a large display with the treatment progress.

The Smart Medication Dispenser for Elderly with Remote Monitoring for Caretakers was designed to comprehensively solve the problems with taking medications.

It comprises 4 main features:

  • Notification system that informs an elderly that a medicine should be taken using LED diodes and sound.
  • Dispenser based on time and user input.
  • Mobile application and a website which notify a caretaker about the elderly’s adherence and allow for remote management of the treatment.
  • A large treatment progress bar on the device for the patient’s gratification and engagement

The whole system streamlines the experience of taking and managing medicines without sacrificing functionality. The treatment is managed by a caretaker through an easy-to-use web application and an intuitive mobile app. All an elderly is left to do is to wait for the alarm and press a button.

The biggest innovation of our device lies in its modular architecture, thanks to which you can increase its capacity and functionality. The independence from the socket, low weight and small size make the device very portable. The entire project is carried out in cooperation with doctors and caregivers who make the device truly respond to the needs of the end users. Last but not least, it has an easy to understand progress bar for the patient’s gratification.

The next stage of the project is manufacturing prototypes suitable for usability testing with the end users – elderly and their caretakers. To make it possible, we want to build a state-of-the-art work station to construct and verify the devices. Finally, we want to make a scalable solution which can enter mass production.



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