Marcel Bednarczyk


Marcel Bednarczyk

Student Researcher

Computer Science, TUL

Marcel is a Computer Science student and a member of UbiCOMP since 2019. Marcel has many interests besides programming, prototyping and designing. He was attending the TomTom Talent School where he was solving algorithmic problems and had an introduction to Artificial Intelligence. He runs his own dog kennel. Marcel is currently working on an animal-related project! Marcel helps everyone when needed.

You can contact him if you’d like to learn more about dogs and his project. Feel invited to write an email.

“If you wait until you are ready, it is almost certainly too late.” – Seth Godin

Areas of Expertise

  • Programming (C, C++, Java, Python)
  • Backend (Ruby, Django)
  • Databases (SQL Server)
  • Arduino



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